The Amazing Electric Sprayer That Melts Butter Into A Warm, Buttery Spray!

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Features & Benefits

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Works with Butter, Margarine, and Low Fat Cooking Oils
  • Lets you control the spray so you control the calories
  • Perfect for bread, pancakes, waffles and more
  • Rinses clean in seconds
  • Stores easily on counter or in fridge.

Butter Bullet™ Is Great For All This & More!

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How Butter Bullet™ Works:

It’s so easy. Just place a stick of butter inside the Butter Bullet™ and power it up, that’s it. In seconds, the battery operated warmer inside melts just the right amount of butter to the perfect spraying temperature. Simply press the button and the butter turns into a gentle butter mist spray, that covers food completely and evenly.

Butter Bullet™ is ideal for browning and roasting foods in the oven, great for backyard grillin’, and it’s the ULTIMATE buttered popcorn maker for snackin’ and chillin’.

Eating light? Butter Bullet™ lets you control the spray, so you control the calories, best of all it works with low fat cooking oils too!

Use it with oils

Works With Low Fat
Cooking Oils!

Perfect for light meals

Perfect When You Are
Eating Light!

Make pans non-stick

Foods Don’t
Stick to the Pan